I hope this email finds you, your family and friends in good health and staying safe during this global wave of COVID-19. These are unique times, for all but perhaps the few centenarians who were alive during the Spanish Flu pandemic. For the rest of us, even the military veterans used to great upheaval, this really is uncharted territory.

Many of us are working to adjust, to determine what life events will carry forward during the social isolation, and what will get shelved. I know we are all impacted by the business shut downs and job losses that roll across the US. Whether it impacted us directly, or someone we know, we will all have to rally together and get through this as a country.

There have been some disruptions here for sure. I had recently drafted a stage play about a Special Forces A Team, in the days before and after 9/11. For now, the plan to meet with a beta-read group in person, and take their feedback, is on hold. I’m also navigating when and where my client consulting will resume. Like most people, we’re also slowly started to build a new family routine.

In the meantime, new things have emerged. I’ve had the chance to do a little volunteering so far, for COVID-19 response. That may take up a larger personal commitment in the near future. And, this most recent article was also something new that came from our current situation. Randy Cohen, based in New York, hosts a podcast called “Person Place Thing;” where a guest arrives ready to share one of each that has impacted their life. Given New York’s current lockdown, he’s running a written “Plague Years” edition.

Recently, through family of his who are friends of ours, he asked me to post some short Corona Virus thoughts on a person, place and thing.

Again, best wishes to everyone on the reading list. Please look out for each other, and please stay as safe as possible.

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